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The House of Chanel

The House of Chanel was established in 1909. Coco Chanel’s vision was to make women feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. A “little black dress” combined with strings of pearls signifies the brand. The company set the new trends for fragrances. Chanel no 5 is still the highest selling perfume in the world.

What makes the label unique is that they keep to the basics. The designs are sophisticated, classic and original. In 1970 Coco passed away at the tender age of 87. A few years later the company was bought by Jacques Wertheimer and Alan his son took over in 1974. Alan revamped the perfume range and employed Karl Lagerfeld to take Chanel to new heights. He gave the line a new fresh look and still maintained the basic design features.

In the late 80’s they expanded and opened up more than 38 stores worldwide. The mid 90’s the label managed to grow their fragrance range even more. They were able to expand an extra amount of boutiques and launched their skin care products. They invested a lot of money into the company and that enabled them to be successful.

20th Century they started expanding in the USA. After December 2002 they operated plus minus 25 stores in the US only. The market for the product was mainly purchased by older women and the company realized that they need to create a line for the youth. In 2002 the first store with fine jewelry and watches opened in Madison Avenue. It was very successful they decided on opening a store that markets the other accessories. The company targeted the older female market and realized that they also need to focus on the younger crowd. Therefore in 2003 they launched the Coco Mademoiselle range. Asia became the next target area and they decided to open a shop in Hong Kong.

The House of Chanel recently launched their 2011 range. They steered away from suit and trousers but still kept the garments feminine and practical. The gowns are breathtaking. Black is used as the main color and white as a secondary color. Lace is added to give it a romantic 20’s feel to it. A touch of soft pink is seen throughout. Dresses are short and flowing combined with embroidery. Today you are able to choose from a variety of products for example women and men clothing line, fragrance, bags, shoes, makeup, watches etc. Chanel keeps the range unique but ensures that Coco’s legend lives on.

Make your own clothing and accessories- DIY clothing

Do it yourself is a phrase which sometimes makes you go weak in the knees. Sometimes, we are left with so many unworn clothes in our Elmira, that it’s hard to shed them or keep them. With DIY clothing you can make these clothes worthy of wearing especially by adding your own unique touch.

As everybody’s liking is different, the outcome of what you want to do with an old shirt depends. You can do so much with the old stuff, that you would love them more then your regular ones. For all these, you need to of three equipments, a scissor, a sewing machine or a normal thread and a sewing pin and some fabric paints, buttons, etc.

For an old used hot pant or the shorts, you can try and make a bag out of it or rather a small wallet by stitching the two sides, also a coin bag. Designing and creativeness can do wonders but only thing you should know, where and when to apply.

Cut a dress out of a baggy long t- shirt or make a belt out of the either ill fitted dress. Loose the sleeves of a dress with long sleeves and wear another color quarter tee beneath it. You can cut your worn out cargos (from the edges) and make it into a tracking short. Most of you have fur jackets which are short or not in usable form, these furs can be added in the boots to make it more stylish.

Something productive will only come up if you take up it with interest , sewing, adding, lacing up clothes can add new look to them.

Internet to Understand the Popular Fashion Trends

Internet has been looked upon by many people as one of the ultimate sources of getting information. Internet is also one of the best methods to get all the required information about the fast changing fashion trends in the industry. There are many online websites which provides some very good reviews regarding the popular fashion trends in the current season. Since there are a large number of online websites which provides this information these websites has to be selected for the purpose carefully. Only those websites are to be taken which are updated regularly with the latest news in the fashion industry.

If the website is a legitimate one then they will provide the best tips on the latest fashion trends, but the person also needs to consider their geographical location for the purpose. The fashion trends differ widely based on their countries and the season. Today most people are busy with their daily office work so they need accessories which will be in accordance with the latest fashion but also something which goes along with their working environment. For this same reason these fashion trends specify the latest fashion for casual, formal and party wears. Fashion trends are seen not only in the case of clothes but also all the other accessories.

One of the latest trends was seen in the shoes, bags and goggles. Cat eye eyeglasses and solid jewelry were some of the most popular trends in the fashion industry recently. In case of men the trend was army clothing and motorcycle clothing. A trend in the hair color and hair styles was also seen in the industry for both men and women alike.

Getting Updated with Men’s Fashion

There are many online websites which provides some very good information regarding the latest trends in fashion. There is a very wide difference in the fashion for men and women. Fashion for women changes very often but the change in men’s fashion do not occur often and is rare. When a change in men’s fashion occurs it will be a very good one and prominent for a period of time. Also in case of women’s fashion it is influenced greatly by the country where they are living but this aspect has very small influence on the men’s fashion. Hence if a person is searching for a website which provides information on men’s fashion then make sure they select one which is dedicated only to men’s fashion.

If the person is planning to get updated on the latest trends in men’s fashion then go for the online websites which features the regular fashion shows and those which are dedicated completely to men. In the year 2011 there has been a wide array of trend changes in the men’s fashion industry, the early 50’s, 60’s and vintage style came into bloom this year. These styles caught up with most of the men even before the end of the season. Another trend was the army code of dressing which became much popular among men.

The men’s fashion industry also saw a wave of change in the jackets, blazers, shoes, ties and even their hair styles. Suede shoes and linen clothing were the most preferred among all the latest fashion accessories. Linen clothing was preferred because they could be used even in their wrinkled condition. Even belts found a change in this season as far as the men’s fashion were concerned.

Fashionable shirts and t-shirts: wear it for picnic or other occasions

When we start speaking about men’s garments, we should not omit the word, t-shirt. Individuals, who make several attempts of choosing a unique garment apart from daily wears, should actually go for the t-shirts. T shirts are available in various designs and fashion. In the countries where the warm climate prevails, an individual will have to choose something light. Something made up of cotton but will have no crease formation. It is just because the bachelors cannot maintain their dress and garments. They hardly know how to maintain specific garments. Thus the manufacturers have made the garments easy to maintain. But if you wish to get something in quality, you must pay for it. But it is also important to note that the specific quality will be at par with the price. Also the presentation matters. So, if you are looking for a t- shirt, you must choose a very attractive among the lot.

The fashion industries have shown people to adopt various fashions according to the trend of the market. There are many manufacturing industries that have got a wide range of varieties of men t-shirts. Individuals staying at cold places would definitely have a scope of getting the shirts as well as t-shirts according to the weather condition. The t-shirts have got a round neck as well as with collars. Thus an individual can choose any type of shirts according to the taste and the necessity. It is also important to check the actual market price and the brand to specific product. If you are choosing a perfect5 brand, you will actually be happy to experience its quality.

Kardashian Kollection – A Style to Remember

There is a huge amount of women all over the globe that are in high anticipation of an exciting change that is about to come to the industry of fashion clothing. This is the soon to be launch of the Kardashian Kollection that is set to occur at the beginning of next month. This is a launch that will reveal some of the most beautiful, trendy, and stylish pieces of fashion wear, intimate wear, and eyewear that have been created by three of the most popular celebrities of 2012.

These three gorgeous women, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe’, know everything there is to know about being fashionable, and they have made the decision to pass this information onto each of their valued customers by way of several different amazing selections of fine clothing items. Their line of sweet and sassy yet provocative lingerie provides women with the added advantage of being able to feel just as stylish and fashionable during those intimate moments as they do at all other times. To top an already wonderful collection off, the sisters will also be launching theglamorous designs they have created in fashion eyewear.

One of the biggest reasons that there are so many women everywhere that are literally counting the days for the launch of the Kardashian Kollection is the unbelievably affordable prices that each of their products will be offered at. It certainly isn’t every day that a person can find such a huge assortment of glamorous clothing items, and especially ones that have been created by such popular celebrities as these, that are marked at prices most anyone can afford.

One of the elements that many women are sure to find as a huge advantage is it doesn’t really matter what your particular taste in style may be, as you will easily find lots of selections that will fit right in with all sorts of styles, from retro, to hip, to fashion forward, and everything in between.

If your plans involve a romantic dinner with the man of your dreams, a day of relaxation while you play catch up with friends, a cool dip in the pool, or there are a variety of meetings you’ll soon be attending, one thing is for certain, you will not be disappointed with all the choices that await you from the Kardashian Kollection. Blouses, dresses, bathing suits, jackets, jeans, pants, or t-shirts, you name it, you’ll find it.

Perfect Gifts For Girls: Best Options for Teens

Is there a teenage girl in your life that is difficult to buy for? Purchasing gifts for teens can be so difficult that many resort to simply giving money instead of a gift. This is unfortunate, as a large part of the tradition of giving gifts is to show the recipient that you cared enough to take the time to select items specifically for them. The perfect gifts for girls are not hard to find if you know where to look.

One need not look too hard to discover items that make great gift ideas. Top gifts for teens include beauty products, clothing, and jewelry. Clothing and jewelry are not always easy to select, as sizes and personal preferences must be well known. Makeup and beauty products tend to be the better option, especially if you can provide variety. Makeup boxes or beauty boxes which contain an assortment of large samples are an excellent option to consider.

Perfect gifts for girls in their teens need not cost a fortune. Buying for a teen is often associated with spending a great deal of money. This does not have to be the case, however. The best gifts are those that show the recipient that you care. This does not mean that a lot of money needs to be spent, only that you take the time to find a gift she will love.


Some Of The Best Fabrics From Which Suits Can Be Made

Finding the right tailor to create the finest bespoke suits is the first step towards ensuring the perfect suit for your special engagement. Choosing from a wide range of fabrics, including plaids, pinstripes, Birdseye prints and more is an important step in making a good first impression. Some of these fabrics are best for country weekends, whereas others would be at home in St. Paul’s. You will want to look for colours that are bold, subtle and sombre, and patterns that range from vibrant checks to subtle herringbones. You can also choose lighter weight fabrics for warmer climes, should you need a summer suit or a suit for a trip abroad. Choosing a fabric can seem daunting with our broad selection, but when you have the help of an expert they can help you choose a suit fabric that will work for your special occasion. Some of these choices would include choosing from the sturdiest tweeds for casual wear to the finest twill for wedding suits.


Most suit fabrics start with fine wool from the best of British textile mills and master weavers of twill, tweed and more. The fibres are chosen for their sturdiness and balance softness with strength, to provide the suit fabric with long life and a garment that is easy to wear. From there, they may be blended with mohair for loft, cashmere for softness, or silk for a subtle sheen. The result is a fabric with memory, body, and a firm, soft hand. You want to choose a suit that feels as good as it looks. The result, you will be a joy to hold and behold. And that joy begins in the fibres that are used and the masters that are entrusted to spin and weave them into fabrics that are works of art in their own right.


Whether you are choosing velvets for suits of unusual style, in bold colours or choosing a suit that is made in richly coloured velvet, you will make a statement. For the couple with artistic tastes, a wedding suit in a striking colour can express their creativity with timeless good craftsmanship. A subtle pinstripe is a good choice for some wedding suits. For the relatively casual wedding, this can be a good choice and an investment in your wardrobe, as it can be worn for a wide variety of events or even to the office.


If you prefer a more casual option you might prefer to choose a plain weave, but be aware that even these can be made to be anything but boring. With the right tailor on your side they can turn twills and plain weaves into subtle shades of blue or purple, and flecks of warmer colours can be spotted in some grey twill. These can serve you well on any number of occasions. Invest in a suit in a twill that flatters you, and you have a garment that will see you through career changes and many life events. Choosing the right suit does not have to be a chore. You can find the best of the classic suit fabrics, and with the help of a trained professional you will be able to select a fabric that suits you best. However, if you need something out of the ordinary, let your tailor know, if they are experienced they will be able to assist you with searching through the finest textile mills in the United Kingdom to find exactly what you are looking for.

Buy swimming goggles

Swimming goggles are an important swimming gizmo that a swimmer should have; it guards their eyes whereas they’re underneath the water swimming. whenever we are swimming, our eyes aren’t as powerful as they’re after we utilize them within our day to day life, the water create it arduous for us to envision the particular distance so it should cause some issues and also accidents. For a few those that have issues with their sight, they will simply merely seek advice from a doctor and get their medications for it. Once underneath water, it isn’t constant thing; you would like to wear swimming goggles therefore you’ll be able to see clearly.


Wearing swimming goggles for youth’s swimmer is basically vital and features a heap of advantages which they get. If you are attempting to seem out for them in your native sports store you’ll notice completely different brands to settle on from, some area unit low cost whereas some are extremely costly. The vast majority of time, we tend to think that quality swimming goggles are solely obtainable for grownups and people that are for youths are similar to toys, that is completely false. The sooner your youngsters use sensible swimming goggles, the higher they’re going to be in their activity and also the less risk of obtaining eye itchiness for kids.

So always try to buy swimming goggles of good quality. If you will buy swimming goggles of good quality it will protect your eyes more effectively than the cheap swimming goggles.

Also, don’t accept one thing that appears cute or vibrant for your youngsters, detain mind that this is often for his or her safety and not simply their toy, and therefore opt for a whole that’s trusty. you must even be ready to strive the eyeglasses on or try and match them on your kid, a decent set of goggles ought to have a decent suction additionally, if they are doing not fall of your child’s face even while not burly it in to their heads then meaning you bought a decent eyeglasses, if it falls then you recognize that it might solely permit water to urge within once they area unit already exploitation it which positively defeats the aim.

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Gray Jeans – More than Just a Basic Pair of Jeans implies

When you enjoy the feel of wearing a great pair of jeans, this is in no way an indication that the only option available to you is blue jeans. While this may have been true of the past, today you will discover a wide range of styles, colors, and designs that are available to men, women, teens, and children alike. For example, gray jeans have recently become one of the most popular choices in color. Much of this is simply because it is regarded as a neutral color that will match nicely with virtually any other style or color of clothing. Whether you are looking for a jean that offers just a hint of color, is extremely dark, or somewhere in between, you are sure to be pleased with the many shades to be found in the world of fashion.

Pricing is Always an Important Element to Consider

There are some people that are blessed and lucky enough that they are not limited at all on the amount of money they may choose to spend on articles of clothing. This however is not the case with a great many of us. The good thing is it doesn’t matter either way as this particular type of jean is available in a wide assortment of price ranges and starting with selections that are reasonable enough that they will fit into most any size budget. There are also other varieties that cost as much as $300 and even higher. One of the biggest determining factors of the price you can expect to pay is the name brand manufacturer you select, along with choices in style and design of your choosing. No matter how much money you plan to spend, there’s a choice for everyone.

The Sky is the Limit with Styles and Designs in Gray Jeans

If it has been a while since you have enjoyed a shopping trip, you will certainly be astounded by the number of different styles and designs that are available in gray jeans. There’s one to match any preference and personality. To name some of the most popular styles that can be found in numerous clothing stores and retail outlets includes the following:

  • Double button
  • Motocross style low-rise
  • Gray wash straight-leg
  • Skinny
  • Concealed waist zip fastening
  • Cropped low-rise
  • Skinny low-rise
  • Leopard skinny
  • Ankle zip
  • Tie dye
  • Embellished
  • Lace straight leg
  • Reversible stretch skinny
  • Mid-rise

Many of these exciting styles in gray jeans have a unique way of streamlining the body’s naturally beautiful curves.

Find out all the info on gray jeans at http://grayjeans.org/

Flaunt Your Awesome Self with the Valuable Imitation Rolex Watches

Replica watches have gained a lot of recognition over the last few years. This is because the replica watch industry has moved on from making poor imitations of the real high end luxury watches to making high quality replica watches that are equally classy and elegant.
In the yester years buying a replica watch like the imitation Rolex was something that was looked down upon.  People thought that the cheap look-alikes are nothing but a let-down. Somebody who had a lot of self esteem would never be seen in a replica.
But today the replica watch industry has come a long way. They produce replicas that are worth every penny that we spend on them. Take for example the replica Breitling. The Breitling is a very renowned watch. It is a legend. The powerful brand has an iconic status. Most of the sportspersons endorse the Breitling and for them time is everything.  If you are an aspiring F1 racer or someone who loves outdoor activities and takes part in them, the replica of the Breitling is apt. Every single minute detail of the real one can be found on the replica. And not just appearance wise but when it comes to performance also, the replica is a great belonging.
The replica watch industry is a boon for people who cannot go beyond a certain limit of expenditure to fulfill their fashion desires. And why just fashion; the breitling replica watches can be effectively used in by the budding business tycoons during their important meetings with prospective clients. Obviously with the meticulousness with which the replicas are made, nobody would come to know that are replicas and instantly one will be able to make a statement about his taste for luxury articles.
So next time you go for a very important meeting make sure you have the Tag Heuer replica around your wrist.

Find replica Rolex watches here

Dressing For the Right Occasion

Most people know that what you wear to many people places a different value on different styles or fashions. For women there is a lot of emphasis on what they wear and how they look. Women can often take up to thirty minutes to get ready when she is trying to look her best. Generally this leaves most men waiting for their women to be done prepping because they have simply thrown on what they thought would look good and be comfortable for them to wear. In fact when it comes to everyday life most men have a very simple wardrobe that is devoid of the twenty or thirty pairs of shoes that you can often find in a woman’s closet.

However, if you are one of those men that likes to keep a simple pair of tennis shoes or trainers for everyday living you may want to keep in mind that when it comes to certain times in your life you may have to don some other style of shoe. If you are looking for a job it will be very important to make a good first impression so having the right style of dress and a nice pair of shoes on will help your chances greatly.

Beautiful Earrings to Match Your Beautiful Face!

How good would it be to have people gaze at you wherever you go? That would indeed be a special feeling! For men, this can be achieved by good looks, while for women, this can be achieved through beautiful attire and special accessories that go with their attire. Can you think of a piece of jewelry that has some variety in it? What about a pair of silver earrings?
This would indeed look great, especially with beautiful white attires. The next question would be where to find such earrings? You do not have to worry more about that!You can find the best Silver earrings at www.gems.tv, that too, at quite affordable prices! You would be surprised to find a good array of designs among the silver earrings provided here. All you need to do is to go to their website, check through the collection of silver earrings present there and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Before doing this, you should have an idea about the amount you are ready to spend on the earring. There are different designs available and depending upon the complication of the design, the price also varies. You can simply and easily make your choice according to your budget.

Valentines Gift Ideas

Here are some unique gift ideas for the coming valentine day. You can make your woman happy and really surprise her by choosing such gifts that would win her heart. Though there are trends of a little different type of gifts in the air, but traditional gifts still top the list of  Valentines gift ideas.


Jewelries still occupy the top position in the list of the Valentine Day Gift’s seekers. It is a universal truth that women, of all ages, love to flaunt jewelries and you can easily make her smile by giving a nice diamond or any other jewelry. But if buying real stones or precious metals is too heavy for your pocket, you can choose alternative jewelries. Nowadays, there are really fantastic options to choose custom jewelries and alternative jewelries that are coming in light price tag but have high values to the users.

Chocolates and Flowers

Both these are also favorites to gals and women and you can easily pick up a nice bouquet of flowers with a delicious chocolate tray for your love.


For Ultimate Fun, Consider Your 80s Fancy Dress Options

The great thing about 80s fancy dress is that they can be worn either as a costume, or just for fun. The 80′s were such a fun time for clothing, with the styles ranging from punk to absolutely outrageous. Let it never be said that this was a boring time for clothing, as it was anything but!

If you were not a child or teen during the 80′s you may need some direction. Consider leg warmers, ripped jeans, anything in fluorescent colors, headbands, and high top shoes. Do not forget the classic hairstyles. For men, spiked is the way to go. For women, be prepared to use an entire can of hairspray in order to replicate super high bangs.

This is a great look for costume parties, but should also be considered when going out to a bar or club. This look is quite recognizable, and will surely garner plenty of looks and a few laughs. Many consider the 80′s to be one of the best times, so be prepared to take a walk down memory lane.

It is also possible to incorporate 80s fancy dress into your daily wardrobe. There are plenty of looks that can easily still be worn today. If the 80′s were a special time for you, there is no reason that you cannot bring some of that fun into modern times whenever you wish!

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